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About Our Practice

Now, this is where most businesses begin by telling you how accomplished and amazing they are. Allow me to tell the story of Hearing Aid Specialists, our family business, from a slightly more personal perspective. We will keep the personal stuff very brief, so please read on.

Marie and I fell in love at LSU in 1971, married shortly after graduation, had four sons, and currently, have five grandchildren.

Now back to business...

We began our practice in 1989, with Marie beginning the process of earning her Masters of Audiology at LSU Medical Center, and shortly thereafter I became a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist.  Thus, as far as our serving the hearing impaired, we believe that our decsciplines complement one another.  But, there was much more to learn over the years!

We, rather quickly "got it."  Meaning, we "got" how truly beloved our patients are to us, and what a privilege it has been to serve them over the years, and hopefully you in the future.  Early on we decided that the standard model of selling hearing aids was inadequate, and we believe it was our unique method of guaranteeing the satisfaction of every one of our patients, that set us apart..

In 2004 and shortly thereafter, we opened up additional locations in Tennessee, Chalmette, Louisiana, as well as Biloxi and McComb, Mississippi.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina washed away our Chalmette and Biloxi locations, but our Center in McComb has been a real treasure.

If you live anywhere around McComb, Mississippi there's someone you really need to meet.  Our Specialist, Patricia Allen, a lifelong native of McComb, has been serving her area over ten years and stands ready to provide all our services with a professionalism that will amaze.  What an intergal part of our family business she has become.  There's more about Patricia under the heading, Our Staff, and under Testimonials particularly.

Now, about you......

Our patients come to see us for a variety of hearing losses- including, age related, heredity related, noise related, accident related, drug related hearing losses, and others.

About Nerve Deafness......

Seems to me that too many of our patients have been told that hearing aids cannot benifit those with "nerve deafness."  If you have heard this, then trust this fact: people with nerve deafness are the number one beneficiaries of hearing aids, regardless of the cause.

But the best news of all is this- no risk.  If we cant help you hear better, for whatever reason... no cost to you at all, period.

If you don't like the fit, the feel, the sound, the anything, disapointed for any reason, not what you expected..... here's the phrase we love- UNconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction.

Bottom Line- In our 24 years of serving the hearing impaired, we have not cured one single person of their deficiency- not one.  But, we have been so very blessed to have helped thousands hear better, without one single complaint.  Not one.  A bold statement that I hope was not stated pridefully, but rather with humility and appreciation for our patients who have been so very appreciative and kind. 

Please come meet Marie and I, or Patricia, and give us the opportunity to see if we can help you hear better.  There's no cost for the test and consultation, and if we fall short of your expectations, simply return the hearing aids within 60 days for a full, 100% refund.