Patient Testimonials

“I’ve been around so much noise, drums included, but the hearing aids were a Godsend.”

– Al H. (World renowned New Orleans’ Jazz trumpeter, now deceased.)

“She was so very throughout to fit my need, and it is such a satisfaction to wear the hearing aids. I am 86 years old and have told may friends about Patricia Allen.”

– Mrs. Clauding Wilson

“David and Marie have become dear friends ever since I walked into their Hearing Aid Center over a decade ago. Katrina took out our home in Slidell but we have remained close. What a joy to hear better.”

– Ed N. (Prominent actor, screenwriter, teacher, author,
member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences.)

“I have had never had anything but excellent service from Patricia, an excellent specialist.”

– Barney King

“I enjoyed my visit with David today. And let me say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all that you do for me. AND, I forget to bring up the subject when I’m with you, but let me say again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, YHANK YOU for buying a brick and having it installed at the WW#2 Museum in New Orleans for me. I am happy to report that I did the same thing for a close friend of mine from Indiana who was wounded in combat during the war when he hit the beach at Anzio in Italy.”

– Cleo R. (A true war hero whose destroyer was the last to be hit by a Kamikaze during WW2.)

“It has been wonderful to have Patricia Allen service my hearing aids for the past ten years. She has always been available to help me hearing aid to give optimal forbearance.”

– Patricia Speyeser

“We were so overwhelmed that as we drove away, tears were still falling down our cheeks. Again, Emma and I thank you both and pray that God always watches over and protects you.”

– Emma and Rudy S.

“I wear their hearing aids and have referred many of my patients to David and Marie, for their extraordinary service, and am quite comfortable that such referrals were without any question of risk. “

– Adrian C. (Prominent ENT)

“Patricia is very caring and helpful and always willing to help. I recommend her and her company to any family or friend and it is hard to find a service where there are such honest and caring people.”

– Jean Myers

“David and Marie are precious to me not only because they helped me hear better, but… look, just meet them, you will understand.”

– Morris S. (Northshore Pastor and, although he’d never admit it, a true moonshot engineer)

“My name is Travis Taylor and since I started seeing Patricia Allen and using her hearing aids I have been able to hear things that I have not heard in years! Patricia Allen actually cares about her clients and has been there every time I have needed her. She has gone above and beyond to make sure I can hear again. She is always willing and able to help. I would recommend her to anyone suffering from hearing loss. I have to go now- I can actually hear my wife calling me!”

– Travis Taylor

“When I was sick these people truly came through for me, over and beyond any reasonable expectation.”

– John B. from Franklinton, Louisiana

“Thank you so much for your excellent service. Enclosed is a $50 gift certificate for your attentiveness.”

– Assunta Y. from Slidell, Louisiana

“I bring David and Marie vegetables for their excellent service and friendship.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B.

“I’d like to thank Patricia Allen and the Hearing Aid Specialist organization for all the help, advice and support they have given me for the past several years. Patricia has been taking care of me ever since I received my first set of hearing aids years ago. She is simply amazing in her knowledge and caring for all of her customers. She has always made me feel like the most important person to walk into her office. But, I have seen her around other customers and she treats them all that way. She definitely takes customer care and service to an all new level. I am an ICU nurse and tweaking my hearing aids where I can hear all the monitors, patients, family members, fellow nurses, and everything else going on around me has been a challenge. But, Patricia has been there and fixed every issue I’ve had. I currently work in Hawaii and even though Patricia’s office is thousands of miles away, she has put herself “On Call” for me any time I’ve needed her for advice and support. I am only able to come home to Mississippi a few times a year and Patricia always makes time to do any service work or help me in any way during my short visits. When I purchased my last set of hearing aids last year, she went way out of her way to make sure everything was taken care of before I had to fly back to Hawaii. I think she had about two weeks from start to finish to check my hearing, make my molds, order them and handle all the detail work. I was gone long before the hearing aids came in but, she was able to make all the final adjustments to them without me there and shipped them to me ready to wear. She really is amazing. I could go on and on praising Patricia and Hearing Aid Specialist. I think they should change their name to Hearing Aid, Customer Care and Service Specialist. Hats off to Patricia and her staff.”

– Ronnie

“Known these guys for many years. The treat me like they would want to be treated… a golden rule.”

– Art P

“I drive all the way from Harahan for their extraordinary service. Good people and good friends.”

– Michael C., Harahan, Louisiana

“I find her level of care, advice, and knowledge to be exceptional, I would highly recommend her to others.”

– Evelyn M. Trayo-Haynie

“I am bombarded by direct mail in regard to Hearing Aids. I would never go anywhere else but to David and Marie.

– Raymond B., Ponchatoula, LA

“David or Marie make house calls to my assisted living center anytime I call, without charge. That is service.”

– M.L. C. Mandeville, LA

“I drive from Plaquemine, Parish to see David and Marie. Wouldn’t think of trusting anyone else with my hearing.”

– Percy G., Sherriff of Plaquemine Parish, Louisiana

“These guys drop off my repaired hearing aids at my home.”

– A.J.M, McCombe Justice

“I liked their service so much I bought them a fly rod.”

– Sonny O., Owner of Pat Obrien’s, New Orleans.

“I think it’s about integrity as well as their technical know how. The best.”

– Eddie P. Engineer, Nashville, Tennessee